Remedial Massage Therapy

To book online, follow the link below. Available appointments are in white squares, and you may have to scroll down, or go to the next week to find an available appointment.

As a Remedial Massage Therapist, I use Swedish Massage techniques in conjunction with trigger point therapy and fascial stretch therapy during appointments. Pressure can be adjusted to suit your preference.

During your initial remedial massage appointment, we will review your health history, injuries, expectations and goals for your treatment. We will review a short and long term treatment plan, so you can understand how your unique healing process will look.

I specialise in low back and hip pain caused by spinal pathologies and degenerative disc disease. I also use Remedial Massage combined with Pilates to improve many conditions.

Hours Monday 9am-3 Tuesday 9am-5pm Thursday 9am-5pm Friday 9am-5pm
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