Change happens through movement. And movement heals.

Studio Pilates makes use of all Pilates Method apparatus in a one-on-one or small group setting. It’s “Pilates Personal Training” where the instructor programs each appointment to be tailor made for their client.

What is Studio Pilates?

In this setting the instructor can create an intuitive movement experience that leads to specific and meaningful results for each client.

  • Adapted from Pilates ITC Movement Education

A private class is no longer required to join semi-private classes, but it is highly recommended. Please click the link below to book your initial Pilates class or contact us if you’re having trouble finding a time that works. Available classes are listed in white squares. You may have to scroll down, or go to the next week to find a time that suits you.


At MVMNT & CO Studio we offer highly individualised Pilates classes in our quaint home studio. Our bespoke, private and semi-private classes teach you to move around a stable pelvis, and a strong yet flexible spine, students re-learn what neutral feels like.

With Pilates, you’ll rediscover a connection to your body that you may have lost through an injury, disease, sports, or bad habits.

Whether you move with intention to keep safe in a rehab program or flow with strength in a fitness session, you’ll feel more connected to your body and stronger in 60 minutes.

Private Pilates and Initial Consult

In this 60 minute session you’ll get one-on-one instruction for your specific needs. Whether you’re rehabilitating an injury, seeking general wellness, or you’re looking for an intense Pilates workout a Private Pilates session is for you.

If you have no experience with Pilates, or you want some individual attention before moving into semi-private or group classes, this is a great option for you.

An initial consult is no longer required for new clients before starting semi-private classes, but it is highly recommended if you have injuries or special needs.

Classes might be on the mat or on equipment based on availability and client needs.

Your initial class consists of a thorough health history and injury review, posture analysis, a discussion of your goals and expectations.

We’ll review what “core” actually is, how to engage your muscles properly in neutral alignment in specific Pilates Foundation Exercises that suit your body and needs.

You may be eligible to claim health fund rebate for your sessions. Please inquire further at your first appointment.

Semi-Private Pilates

A semi-private class is for those with previous experience with Pilates, including previous one-on-one instruction. You’ll share the studio space with other students who will be on their own Pilates program.

Each student is on a previously planned Pilates program, which has been specifically designed for their needs.

This class type is ideal for those who need more attention than a group class can offer but who doesn’t require a private. The class might consist of students on a rehab or fitness program. Either way, the instructors attention is spread evenly between the participants.

Class is limited to 3-4 participants at a time to ensure each students needs are met. This is a major difference that you’ll find at MVMNT & CO Studio.

Group Reformer Classes

Maria works closely with Haven Pilates instructors and studio director, Hannah Calgaro-Booth to take on students with major injuries who are not yet suited to general group classes. In her “spare time” Maria will cover classes as needed. Visit the Haven Pilates website for more booking information.

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